More than just a space, this is where your clients visit, your employees work and your products or services are produced.

Welcome to proHarmony. Our professionals know that space planning is not just about putting furniture in a room, it’s about the functionality that is necessary for success. Planning your space is also about what your company represents. Our mission is to help our clients accomplish these goals in a operational, affordable, and in the most efficient way.

Before ~ paint store

An abandoned building that was a paint store for over 25 years. This store's previous purpose was evident from the baked on paint stains and lack of character.

After ~ Numii Lounge Salon.

The paint store was transformed into six, hair stations, also 3 nail technician tables, a full service resource for beauty supplies, shampoo sinks, kitchen and two separate bathrooms. 

IMG_7664 (1).JPG

Before ~ garage

This 2-car garage, also served as storage for recreational toys, boxes, tools and more. The owners turned it into a "pool lounge".

After ~ Loft

Once the owners became "empty nesters", this unit is now available through Airbnb as a vacation rental.