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Office Management

Do you need to outsource the review of your present systems? proHarmony will set up an administrative infrastructure, that can easily expand as your company grows. Here are a few things we can do for you:

Systems and procedures

Database management

Company policies and mission statement

Operating manual and employee handbook

Technology configurations

Process mapping

Standardized methods and protocols

Permits and licenses (obtained and renewed)

Customer service and cross-duty training

Also; accounting/payroll, facilities management, recruitment, purchasing, report writing, etc.


Are your services affordable?

proHarmony is very affordable. We offer complete packages and also on an as-needed bases.

What should I expect during implementation?

We pride ourselves on our commitment to communication. We will lay out the strategy and timeline for your approval. And if ever there are delays or a need for a contingency, you will know as soon as we become aware of any issues.

Will this disrupt or negatively impact our daily operations?

No it shouldn't, unless we are switching these over to a new way of operating. Such as in the case of upgrading computer. Most implementations can take place during non-business hours and over the weekend. proHarmony can also work with your company's in-house team or we can write up the game plan and you oversee the action, we're flexible.